Vision & Mission

GCTU School of Business

The GCTU School of Business envisions developing and forging collaborative partnerships with local and international academic, training and research institutions, as well support our increasing number of academic programs with cutting-edge technologies.

We are strategically aligned with the corporate GTUC vision of being a center of academic excellence.

Our vision is

“to educate the future leaders of multi-faceted 21st-century information society”.

The Faculty of Informatics is committed and dedicated to student learning by providing an enabling environment for effective instruction, as well as pursuing scholarly inquiry and community engagements.

Our mission is

“to foster better decision making by educating students, conducting and disseminating research and analysis about the role and implications of information technology”.


We seek to exploit the benefits of inter-disciplinary fusion of science-technology and humanities to create employable IT graduates.            

  1. The Faculty strongly believes in the individual worth of every student and strives to provide high-quality education, appropriate to each students’ strengths and abilities
  2. The Faculty strives to maintain a balance among its core activities of teaching, research, and community engagement.
  3. The Faculty believes in students as key stakeholders, and so promotes, encourages, and facilitates active students’ participation in all academic discourse in the University.
  4. The Faculty is committed to attracting, engaging and retaining and promotion of high-quality talents provide first-class, cutting-edge instruction and support services.